Best In The Triangle

At Tribeca Tavern, we believe that our handcrafted burgers are the best in the Triangle. We provide our guests with burgers that contain house-ground meat and local ingredients, always served with a smile. We love our local communities, and appreciate the selection of  delicious restaurants that make the Triangle known as a destination for foodies everywhere. We want to prove our claim to fame as Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle 2016 nominations begin.

An All Out War

We aren’t the only local business that is taking these awards seriously. As nominations begin, breweries and bakeries around the Triangle are asking for loyal guests to show the love. But in the end, it’s all up to you.

Best Burgers in Wake County

If you think we’ve got what it takes to win, then head over to Indy Week and write in your nomination. While you’re there, nominate some other great businesses in the many other categories listed. They have quite the selection of award categories, with some being not-your-typical selections. Just take a look at our favorites:

  • Best local politician in need of a reality check
  • Best waste of public money
  • Best reason to love the Triangle

Thanks For Your Support

We want to thank our great communities for all the support that you give us. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Now it’s time to go and nominate! After the polls close on March 6, the top four nominations will appear on the final ballot from April 25-May 15. The winners will be announced in the June 8 Indy Week issue.

May The Best Win!