Tribeca Tavern Healthier Options

New year means the introduction of new trends and this doesn’t exclude your favorite foods and restaurants. Here are some trends you can expect to see in 2017 when it comes to dining out at restaurants!


With everyone jumping on the healthy bandwagon, restaurants are taking advantage of the demand for more plant based menu options. In 2017, you’re sure to see a continuous incline of more vegetable based meals in restaurants. The health conscience will see a growth in plant based options that won’t leave behind the delicious flavors you crave. Besides the obvious health benefits, people can also feel good about of the environmental footprint eating more plant based meals leaves behind; being half of what it would be in animal based meals.

The rise of favorite foods like spaghetti and mashed potatoes being replaced by foods like zucchini and cauliflower will be seen more on menus in restaurants as well. In no time they’ll be “dupes” for all of your guilty pleasures.


Good rule of thumb, when you see fast food restaurants doing it, it’s because everyone else is. With places like McDonald’s providing breakfast all day, it’s obvious that the people want it and they want it now. Combined with ethnic flavors like chorizo and chimichurri this surely won’t be a trend that will disappoint.

This won’t only include your traditional breakfast foods, such as eggs and bacon, but make way for things like fried chicken, creating the perfect hangover cure.


Food bowls show no sign of slowing down in popularity. With loads of vegetables followed by lean proteins and bold flavors it’s no wonder this has become a favorite. From restaurants like Chipotle starting this trend, to the beloved poke bowls, we’ll see a growth in bowls.

Aside from the delicious mixture of your favorite foods put into a bowl, it’ll likely keep from making a mess which is a big plus if you’re powering through work through lunch.

If you’re tired of the eating the same old things, be sure to keep an eye out to see if your favorite restaurants start to offer these trends!