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Mash House Brewing Company

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Reuben Stocks

Though Reuben calls Dunn, NC home with his wife and three kids, this family man spends many hours in his second home, The Mash House Brewery. Even before he was of legal age, Reuben was intrigued by the brewing process. College degrees and assorted career paths just couldn’t compete with his infatuation for the world of craft beer. So much in fact that, nine years ago, he put his knowledge and expertise to work and created his own home brewing system. Combining his passion for the process and his electrical and mechanical expertise, Reuben continuously refined his system to create a home brewing kit that is offered on the retail market today. And it just so happens that during that time, he was working to maintain and refine The Mash House brewery process, so he knows the system like the back of his hand. It’s the love of craft beer that makes Reuben the perfect brewmaster and we are so excited to have him back as head over all of our brewery operations.



Our sister restaurant, The Mash House Brewery in Fayetteville, NC, became one of the original microbreweries in North Carolina when it opened in 2001. The Mash House has been providing us with some of the best beer in the state for over a decade…as well as winning a few awards along the way!

We focus on making craft beer utilizing Old World methods that brewers have sworn by for centuries. We use no preservatives and only the finest ingredients at our on-site microbrewery: malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water. Our beer begins in our grain silo out front, is converted into “mash” with the addition of water, then ferments and ages in our custom-designed brewhouse-assuring our customers will receive the freshest possible pint.

Currently, The Mash Brew Brewery produces around 1400 barrels of brew per year. We produce such a high volume and quality of brews that only the most skilled and knowledgeable brewmasters can handle such an undertaking. Reuben Stocks is just the man for the job. His passion, intelligence, creativity and expertise makes for a perfect fit as the brewmaster for our AWARD WINNING brewery.

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