The purpose of a networking event is to bring people together to make new contacts, build relationships, share ideas, and expand your brand. Food helps facilitate the process. Here are four ways Apex corporate event catering can get things started.

Breaks the Ice

Nothing breaks the tension of meeting new people and participating in conversations like food. Instead of filling dishes with the old standbys, get creative and design a fruit medley carved into different shapes or arrange an eye-catching combo of finger foods. Apex corporate event catering can create unique food items that are bound to strike up a conversation.

Shakes Up the Comfort Zone

Since mingling is at the core of a successful networking event, encourage people to get out of their seats. One way to do this is to ask professionals for help with event catering in Apex. We can set up food stations or buffet service to move people away from familiar faces. They will meet new people while admiring food and deciding which items to put on their plates. Our catering staff will help you select the right foods so attendees can exchange handshakes and information with a free hand.

Bans Boredom

To keep people engaged during a networking event, you need to provide sustenance to keep the energy alive. Light refreshments like trail mix, fresh fruit and beverages will help attendees stay energized. It doesn’t matter if the event is scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening we make network event catering in Apex exciting.

Creates Memories

Flavorful foods can linger on the taste buds for a long time. Pair the food with a theme, and attendees will remember the event long after it has ended. For instance, say you plan to have a panel discussion about “Building on the Best.” You can have a dessert station or salad bar with creative toppings for guests to make their own dish. Then encourage them to take a picture and post it on social media using event hashtags.

We realize that networking is an extension of your brand. Let us customize a menu to help build on your success. Schedule a free consultation for corporate catering in Apex.