Wine is something that many people get when they go to a local steak restaurant. However, it is important to remember that all wine is not created equal. There are several wines that go great with steak.


Cabernet is one of the wines that you can get at a local steak restaurant. This type of wine is highly acidic, so it can cut through the fat. Napa Valley, California is known for producing some of the best cabernets in the world.


If you want to try a sweet wine, then you should request Zinfandel when you go to a dinner restaurant in Cary NC. It is high in sugar, so you don’t want to pair it with steaks that have a brown sugar glaze. You should pair it with a steak that has a zesty flavor. Most Zinfandels are made in California.


Malbec is a great choice if you love red wine. It goes great with a lean cut of steak. France and Argentina are known for having the best Malbec. However, great Malbec also comes from California.


Syrah is another great choice if you are looking for another red wine. It is great for fatty, marbled meat. France and Australia are some of the best places for Syrah. However, Spain is another great place for wine. A dinner restaurant in Cary NC will make sure that you are served the finest wine.

If you are looking for a restaurant that allows you to eat dinner outside, then you will need to call us. We can make a reservation for you to come and enjoy great food.