A Checklist for Your Company’s Picnic

Planning for a company picnic can be stressful and demanding. Just like any other corporate event, it needs a thorough plan. We have come up with a picnic checklist to help reduce the stress associated with picnic planning.

Major Stuff

1. Location: Where would you want to go to the event?
2. Date: When will you hold the event? When can the venue be available?
3. Caterer: Contact the caterer as soon as possible to prepare
4. Theme: Ensure to pick an interesting theme. You can get the ideas from the internet or your colleagues.

Food and Beverages

1. Menu: Pick a menu that matches the theme
2. Beverages: Choose beverages that suit the weather
3. Fun Treats: Have fun treats such as ice cream, candy bars or cotton candy

Fun Activities

1. Entertainment: Consider having bands, choirs, or even clowns in the event
2. Plan activities: They may include a football toss, photo booths or any other event
3. Competitions: Consider having fun competition activities such as relays or egg tosses among others
4. Decorations: Together with your plan organizer or caterer, create visual elements that relate to the theme.

Essential Items

1. Rent equipment
2. Activity timelines
3. Quest invitation and promotion of the event
4. Banners and signs that will help direct the attendees.

The checklist will help you in reducing the stress associated with the event planning. To make you picnic enjoyable and memorable, plan in advance. Ensure that you have all the items in the checklist in place before the day of your picnic. Alternatively, you can contact corporate event planners for help.

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