Boost Your Event’s Visibility With These ‘Gram-Worthy’ Drink Ideas

We all want to host a memorable event, but in the digital age it seems like we have to create social-media worthy moments while doing so. For events ranging from weddings to graduations, these are among my favorite ideas for offering the best summer beverages to guests:

1) ‘Punny’ summer cocktails

Nothing delights me more than a rosé spritzer or the ole’ reliable Old-Fashioned. Yet, one thing that really wows me is a drink name that includes a pun. At the bar or tableside, cocktails with clever and creative names show the host’s consideration of all the details of their event. Plus, pun-inspired names do the work of creating an interesting hashtag for guests to associate with an event, and use to share their experience with a larger audience.

2) Craft beer buffet

Summer cocktails aside, craft beer sales are on the rise among consumers, and with Apex catering such client preferences aren’t much different. While I do have an insatiable sweet tooth, candy buffets can take a backseat to craft beer buffets. Provide a selection of craft beers to guests and work on creating a visually pleasing presentation. I use punchbowls and dispensers of varying sizes, and arrange them nicely on a table. Much like candy buffets, guests will keep coming back to test all the specialty craft options.

3) Artisanal drink bar

Don’t bore your guests with mere lemon slices and water. Artisanal drinks like fresh-squeezed lemonade infused with thyme, or authentic aquas frescas, can be among the most unique and best summer beverages. Including these types of drinks at the bar are also a great idea for a dry wedding or as non-alcoholic options. Since looks matter, I tend to serve these beverages in mason jars for a rustic feel, or skinny Collins glasses for more formal settings.

Adding summer cocktails and paying attention to set-up and design are definite ways I try and show my guests the effort put in planning events. So get those smartphone cameras ready, and schedule a free consultation today for help in selecting the best summer beverage options in Apex catering.