Be Ready for the Next Local Cocktail Bar Visit

Chicken wing enthusiasts will agree that any time is a good time for some wings! Whether tuning into a football game at home or heading out to a Cary NC cocktail bar to get some big screen action with some friends, it pays to know which type of mixed drinks pare best with various styles of chicken wings. Flavor of wings is a key factor toward choosing a mixed drink to go with.

Hot Wing Lovers Will Want to Order Martinis

Googling “bourbon bar near me” is only the first step of arranging the perfect local cocktail bar evening. It’s important to know which drinks go best with which wings. Those whose platter includes hot, hotter and hottest wings will want to order a martini to accompany the meal. A martini helps keep the temperature down and cleanses the pallet for less-spicy wings on round two.

Minty Cocktails Go Best with Teriyaki Style Wings

Ask a Cary NC cocktail bar attendant to make a few mojitos to go along with Chinese or Japanese-flavored chicken wings. Mint is the strongest flavor coming through in a mojito, which provides a nice contrast to the sticky-sweet Teriyaki sauce on a basket of wings.

Be Sure to Try a Beer Cocktail

Nothing says “night out for some football and wings” quite like a round of ice cold beers. Transform an ordinary beer into a fabulous beer cocktail, such as a Michelada. This mixed drink paring takes beer to a whole new level by adding salt, lemon, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

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