Visit a Local Bourbon Bar to Talk About Whiskey

Whiskey is trending in cocktail bars in Cary NC and throughout the country. Distillery enthusiasts may be surprised to learn the interesting facts about whiskey-making included in the following list:

  • George Washington owned a commercial distillery.
  • The size and shape of a still affects the flavor of whiskey.
  • Trunks of trees growing near distilleries often turn black.
  • The first woman-owned scotch distillery opened in 2017.
  • There’s a reason the word is spelled “whisky” or “whiskey”.

Read on to learn more about these five interesting distillery facts!

The First President Was a Successful Whiskey Distiller

In 1797, George Washington began construction on a commercial distillery. There were thousands of distilleries in the United States at the time, and Washington’s was the largest in the nation.

Looking at a Still Can Reveal Facts About Flavor

When ordering whiskey in a cocktail bar in Cary NC, patrons may prefer a mild or fuller flavor. Stills that are tall and slim produce whiskeys mild flavor that’s smooth to the taste. Fuller-flavored whiskeys are distilled in shorter pots.

Black Trunks Do Not Harm Trees

A whiskey expert at a local bourbon bar might know why trees growing near distilleries turn black. Fumes from the spirit cause tree bark to become afflicted with a disease that is merely cosmetic but not harmful to trees in any way.

Women are New to the Distillery Industry

The first woman-owned whiskey distillery began laying its groundwork for production in 2017. It will likely be more than a decade before products are ready for the market.

Whiskey Versus Whisky

When Ireland started exporting distilled products to America, they wanted to differentiate themselves from Scottish distilleries, so they added an “e” to the word “whisky,” to become “whiskey”.

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