If you want to eat the best burgers and steak in Cary, then it is important for you to get one that is made up of locally sourced ingredients and farmers. People are often told to eat local ingredients because it benefits the environment and community. There are also many benefits that you can reap.

Full of Flavor

Fresh produce is packed with flavor and picked when they are at their peak ripeness. That is why they will taste the best.

Full of Nutrients

You can improve your health by eating foods that are filled with local ingredients. There is less time spent between harvest and the time that you eat it. This means less time for the nutrient contents to decrease. Our local Cary NC burgers are delicious and good for you.

Safer Foods

It doesn’t take a lot to get the food from the source to your table. That is why there will be less chance for it to get contaminated. The harvesters will also be able to tell you where the ingredients came from, which is important to us.

Support the Local Economy

You will be doing your part to support the local economy by buying fresh, locally sourced ingredients. People will be more motivated to keep their business close to home. We have been helping the Triangle region from local farmers, to those in need and everyone in between since we opened. We will always continue this and we appreciate your support of Tribeca Tavern.

If you want to try the best burgers, steak and produce in Cary, then you can contact our local restaurant, Tribeca Tavern today for a reservation. Or just stop on by!. We look forward to serving you the best food possible.